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Book Review: Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, The Illuminae Files #2


Space adventure? Check! Invasion? Check! Badass and sassy characters? Check! Is there anything within this series not to love? Nope! (Early warning, this review may contain some spoilers!)

I love the format of these books. Reading through the files and chat logs, piecing together the story bit by bit, you feel like you're a detective. My favourite sections are probably the analyst logs (the author of those is hilarious).

When I realised that Gemina was introducing new characters, I was a bit sceptical. I fell in love with Kady and Ezra in book 1, and I was desperate to find out what had become of them. But once the story got going I fell in love all over again with Hannah and Nik, who are now sitting firmly in my favourite characters hall of fame. Hannah comes across as this shallow spoilt party girl, but Nik can see beneath all that to the fierce and determined strength within her. The horrors that they have to endure and unimaginable, and all alone as well.

That plot twist! Merrick! Argh! I was suspicious of him from the beginning, but I did not see that coming! He was definitely too perfect to be genuine. In the end though, he did the right thing, so I couldn't hate him too much.

I am so excited to see what's in store for book 3!


Read the summary below:

Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy’s most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station’s wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They’ve totally got this. They hope.

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