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Book Review: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E.Schwab


I don't think I can adequately put into words how much I adore this book, I think it is now sitting firmly on my list of all time favourites!

The concept of this book is beautiful and yet haunting. A desperate woman makes a deal with the devil for her freedom, not fully realising the catch that freedom has. To wander the world, alone, forgotten, like a ghost, it gives me shivers just to think about!

The characters in this story are so well developed. As the narrative switches between Addie and Henry, both past and present, you gradually piece together their lives until they intertwine. Luc is such a captivating character - you want to hate him for cursing Addie, and yet I couldn't help but feel he had won me over ever so slightly by the end of the book. And that ending! It was so sad but also perfect at the same time. As much as I love it when the stars of the book end up together, the open ended note this book left off on felt so much more right for this story and I loved it.

Henry's need for approval and to be loved struck a chord with me, as it's something I've felt myself suffering from before. It's so hard to not get wrapped up in those feelings, trying so desperately hard to be what other people want you to be, that you forget to love yourself for who you are. Henry just had to learn this lesson in a very hard way,

I read the ADSOM trilogy a couple of months ago, and whilst I enjoyed it, the books didn't quite live up to my expectations. As such, I wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic to pick up another V.E.Schwab book to soon as my tbr is massive, but I'm so glad I did!


Read the summary below:

A Life No One Will Remember. A Story You Will Never Forget.

France, 1714: in a moment of desperation, a young woman makes a Faustian bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets.

Thus begins the extraordinary life of Addie LaRue, and a dazzling adventure that will play out across centuries and continents, across history and art, as a young woman learns how far she will go to leave her mark on the world.

But everything changes when, after nearly 300 years, Addie stumbles across a young man in a hidden bookstore and he remembers her name.

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